[SOLVED] Noise on input.

Hi all.
Just purchased Cubasis and an Alesis IO Dock 2.
Using iPad 3 64GB with lightening connection

Im experiencing an issue with Noise on Input, that rises and falls.

  1. I close all other open Apps.
    2 connect my iPad to Alesis Dock.
  2. Connect Rode condensor Mic to Dock.
  3. Load Cubasis
  4. Start new Templat session, 1 Mic Channel 1 Midi Channel.
  5. Open Mixer and monitor the input.
    The Audio Input shows this whether the mic is connected or not, adjusting the gain also has no effect.


I remove cubasis from the doc and test it on its own mic in dead silence, this noise on iput still exists.

Please help,
any information greatly appreciated.


Hi somefinn,

Thanks for your report.

The noise floor is related to the internal iPad and/or iPad-AD-converters.
Please feel free to compare the behaviour with other music apps (that include metering displays) that should show up with similar results.