[solved NOT fixed] Automation malfunction. Help!


Recently I’ve experience a problem where Nuendo (latest version) stops reading automation. Why does this happen and is there a fix?

My particular situation is as follows:

A MIDI track routed to a virtual instrument.
I use track automation (NOT event automation) to play the CC1, 7 and 11.
I use terminator nodes to clean up the view by limiting automation lines only to durations of MIDI events.
All automation lanes are in read mode and other tracks follow their designated automation except for the occasional rebel.

I have tried:
Copy - Delete - Paste = has never worked
Delete - Re-draw = has never worked
Nuendo restart = has never worked
MIDI Reset = has not worked
Read Off - Read On = has not worked
Laptop restart = has worked until now

Any ideas?

Okay, I figured a solution!

I created a new MIDI track and MOVED all events to that track. Automation followed per how I have set things up.