[SOLVED] Note colors in midi track editor

Can someone please answer this:

What is the “key” to the different note colors in the midi-track event editor?

When I edit notes from a given track, I see that some notes are blue, some red, some pink, some magenta. (This is within a given track, not different tracks.)


Cubasis LE 2 downloaded from Apple App Store
iPad 3
IOS 9.3.5
Recording MIDI from external keyboard, via MIDI-over-Bluetooth LE

Any response will be appreciated.


Hi Kskruser,

The track colouring indicates the velocities of individual notes.


Thank you Sir!

I guess I could have figured that out eventually, but I couldn’t find any reference to it either in the HELP or in the forums.

I’ll be upgrading to the full version soon!

Thanks for the update!
Glad to hear you’re set!