[SOLVED] Nuendo 8 trial link downloads Cubase 9


I’ve registered to download a Nuendo 8 trial. But the link sent to my email downloads Cubase 9.

Any idea?



Anyone? I’m I missing the point here?

Maybe C9 and N8 uses same installer, but nevertheless, despite that I have downloaded and activated N8 license, starting C9 shows that I do not have license for it. Which is obvious as I have downloaded C9!?

A mess. Can someone shed some light over this, please?

Helo MusicStarter,

that is very weird since the trial has been downloaded a couple thousand times already and this is the first time we hear about this issue. We haven’t changed the link or the location of the download file either.

Could you please let me know which OS you own (where you tried to download the trial to) so that I can send you a direct download link?

All the best,


I’m using Win 7 Pro 64bit SP1.

I’m using the download link sent by Steinberg after signing up for a trial. I’ve already installed and activated Nuendo 8 license. Clicking on download link gives me this:


Thanks in advance.

PS. How to get in touch with Steinberg support? They didn’t respond to a ticket opened from MySteinberg login. Please advise.


Hi MusicStarter,

I’m sorry, I don’t understand. Have you already installed Nuendo 8? Does that mean that you no longer need a download link?

All the best,

I haven’t installed Nuendo 8 yet, I STILL need a download link.

Any news?

Never mind, I’ve used another email to re-register for a Nuendo trial, then Steinberg sent a correct downloading link.