[SOLVED] Nuendo 8 vs Nuendo 10: Worst Performance

I’m getting higher average loads in Nuendo 10 compared to Nuendo 8. I noticed it right away on a song I’m mixing. The audio performance meters show higher loads when compared to Nuendo 10. This is resulting in audio dropouts. I have both Nuendo 8 and Nuendo 10 installed and compared this side by side in both.

Any ideas?

I found the problem. The Apollo buffer size was set to 256. I changed it to 2048 and now the project runs fine in Nuendo 10.

Sorry for the false alarm, I didn’t think about the buffer size the first time (feel like a rookie).

great! :slight_smile:

btw, it would be nice if you would expand your topic title: [Solved].
Have fun with N10!


Done. Thank you.