[Solved] nullptr compile error

I am getting an error when building projects with v3.6.6 of the VST3 SDK, where “nullptr” is undefined. I have found that this is a c++11 feature. However, I have some other software that is apparently not yet compatible with c++11. Aside from using an earlier VST3 SDK, is there a way to build (under OS X 10.12, Xcode 8) that avoids this error?

You can fix this in ftypes.h:

In ftypes.h, scroll down to the bottom - this is what mine looks like now, and is set here for VS2008:

– For non-C++11 compliant compilers (eg VS2008)
// Enable this for old compilers
#define nullptr NULL

#define nullptr NULL will get rid of the error. But when you switch back to another compiler, remember to comment this out.

  • Will