[Solved] Numbering PDF-parts and score

One really handy feature in Sibelius is the option to number the parts & score on PDF-export.

This makes it much easier to see if there are parts missing and also the sorting makes more sense since the parts/score now displays in score order and not alphabetically. I’d be sooooo glad if this will be possible in a future update! :open_mouth:

Yes, I expect we will implement something like this in future.

Oki, thanks Daniel! Sounds like it’s not on the high-priority-list… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyway, I’m enjoying my days with Dorico now! :smiley::+1:

Yea , I think something like this would be practical:

it would be cool and save time to have the possibility to insert an automatic number before each Instrument PDF according to the position (top to bottom) in the score during export.

00_Full Score


Thanks, lokotus

Or even dividing up with groups:
00_Full Score

Or something like that.
It would be more difficult to number consistently when working with large orchestras, of course.

good Idea, since you can create already groups in setup mode so dorico knows which players belong to what group…

Thanks for this implemetation in 2.2, WONDERFUL!! :slight_smile: