[Solved] Odd MIDI Out signal


New user here. Switching over from SPLAT and really liking Cubase so far. One odd thing I have going on: the MIDI Out indicator on my transport is constantly showing activity somewhere around 1 Hz. When I check with MIDI-Ox I don’t see any activity, but the transport indicator goes constantly. Here’s what I see:

System specs below in my signature. Any ideas?

Also, the rate is independent of the tempo setting. I checked from 20 to 360 bpm and the MIDI Out rate is the same.

Also, the above screen cap was taken with an empty project. No tracks, no VST’s, nothing.

After a little more poking and prodding, it is definitely tied to my CC121. When the CC121 is off there is no activity on the MIDI Out indicator. When the CC121 is on, the MIDI Out indicator behaves as described above. The MIDI Out pulse seems to be the same rate as the blinking blue LED that pulses when the CC121 is not connected to Cubase. Does anyone else get this?

I think I used to see this when I used my Steinberg CI2+, there were some pieces about it on here a few years ago (and the CC121 too, I think). I seem to recall Steinberg said it was normal behaviour(!), something to do with the monitoring of the AI knob.

I don’t regularly use the CI2 anymore but will plug it in later and see if it still does this…

Hi Planarchist,
Thanks for the reply. I’ll try some more searching on the forum for previous posts. Let me know how it goes if you get a chance to check your C12+.

“Active sensing”

It’s how it works, nothing is wrong, and it can’t be turned off. I don’t think it is specifically Active Sensing as in the MIDI spec, but it is a keep alive signal. All the SB control surfaces do this.

It is an annoyance, I would love to be able to filter it out.

OK, thanks svennilenni and Steve. At least I know now. It would be nice to be able to turn it off. It would be especially annoying if you’re sending a useful MIDI signal out to a synth or something and wanted to monitor.