SOLVED; Opening a Basic Audio CD window

Not sure if I am missing something, but it seems I can only open a Basic Audio CD window if I have already opened another track in the main window?

If I don’t have a track actually open, then the Basic Audio CD menu option is not visible at all in the Workspace/Specific Tool Windows drop down list?

If this is the situation, seems a bit of a glitch?

Is there a way of opening a Basic Audio CD window without having to load up a dummy sound file in order to make the menu item appear?


No problem here:

I don’t follow this. Thanks for the picture.

If I open WL7 from scratch, I have a blank screen except for the menu’s at the top. If I click on the menu where I usually get the option to make a basic audio CD, the option is not there? It only appears once I have opened an actual sound file, but then I have to go through the file/add tracks anyway? What’s the point of having to open a dummy file?

What screen do you open which allows you to bypass this?



You need to have at least one “Workspace” open
Audio Files, Montage, Batch etc

Open Audio Files Workspace with Basic Audio CD included in Workspace
close WL 7 with this Audio Files Workspace active or save in Global “menu”

regards S-EH

Right, I get it now; thanks for clarification.


More exactly: the Basic Audio CD is a tool window of the “Audio Files Workspace” (not other workspaces).

thanks Philippe - clarification appreciated