[SOLVED] Opening & closing key editor stops midi notes?

Pls help. So I have an instrument track playing long midi notes. Now when I open or close the key editor during playback, all midi notes of the selected event, that are being played at that time, stop playing. The notes starting after them will be played normally again.
It’s really annoying to me when suddenly notes are missing during playback only because I want to open the key editor to check or edit stuff.

I tested the same on Cubase 5 and it does not behave like that.
Is it possible to open & close the key editor without notes temporarily stop playing or is it just my settings / on my pc?


This is an known issue. Actually the Record Enable sends All MIDI Notes Off message. It’s already confirmed, this will be fixed in the next update.

Thx for your reply. I posted this a few days ago and had to wait for this post to be approved. In the meantime I found the thread you’re referring to.

I’m pretty new to here so can you tell me how to close this thread or mark it as solved?