(SOLVED) Order of Effects Chain

When adding effects into the Insert and Send Slots does the processing chain work from top to bottom or bottom to top, i.e. which is the first effect in the chain?

Also, I’m not quite clear on the function of the moveable horizontal divider bar in the Insert Effects section of the Sidebar.

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Please refer to the the “Effects” chapter of the Cubasis in-app help to learn more.

Here is the link to the chapter in the additional online-version of the help:

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Thank you - so if I read it right it goes from top to bottom.

There seems to be no explanation for the divider bar, though.

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Adding and Adjusting Effects (steinberg.net)

So it is - I just couldn’t see for looking :smirk:
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I didn’t know that the blue bar divided pre/post effects. This is important and extremely useful.

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Sorry for being imprecise in regards to my reply and the links provided.

The pre/post fader line is described in the “Inspector” chapter of the in-app help:
The blue pre/post-fader line defines which effects are applied pre (above the line) and post (below the line) the track’s volume and pan faders. The line can be dragged by moving its handle.

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Thank you - that’s most helpful.

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