[SOLVED] Paid for cubasis twice - refund request

Hi guys

I upgraded from cubasis Le to cubasis 2 but my app icon (the one you press to open the app) never changed from the cubasis Le image (white background).

I just noticed that cubasis 2 had a different icon (black background) so went and paid for another download for cubasis 2 thinking it was a new version. It is exactly the same as what I already had.

Now I’ve bought it twice.

I think this is a Steinberg issue as it was misleading because the app icon never changed after I did my first upgrade from Le.

It would be great if steinberg could please provide some advice on what I can do next to initiate a refund please.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Matt,

Thanks for your message.

As written in the Cubasis LE in-app shop description, the Cubasis full feature set in-app purchase unlocks all the features of the full Cubasis version.

Apple does not provide upgrade options between apps or changing the name or icon of an app after an in-app purchase. Once Cubasis LE has been update via full feature set in-app purchase, the launch screen of the app changes to Cubasis and you should no longer see any Cubasis LE limitation pop-up.

App purchases are handled by Apple.
I suggest to get in touch with Apple to find out, if they’re willing to give you a refund.

Hope that helps!


Hi Lars

Many thanks for the quick reply.

I’ll get in touch with apple and see how I go.



Good luck and let us know how you proceed, Matt!


Hey Lars

I got a refund from Apple! Happy about that.

Thanks again for your help.



Thanks for the update, glad to hear it helped.