SOLVED:Patch list for Roland XV3080

Hey All,

I’ve been having a tough time getting Cubase to use a patch script for my old Roland xv3080. The only one I could find is a text doc and seem that C8 Pro needs an xml. I used to used a patch list back in Cubase 4,5 and 6 but I’m just getting back into Cubase again and can’t figure it out. Thanks for any help.

I have an old utility that still runs on Windows 10 X64. It scans the midi ports and locates my JV-2080. It connects to the JV-2080 and pull down a list of all of the patches where you can then export it and finally import it into the Cubase patchscript folder.

PM me if you would like a copy.

Hi R, thanks for the reply. I actually just got it working. I had mistakenly set it up incorrectly in the MIDI Device manager. Thanks! I havent used a hardware synth in a while

I use a lot of software synths as well but sometimes I have to go to my JV-2080 and Integra 7.