[SOLVED] Pb with octava notation and 2 voices in a staff

It seems that in Dorico, octava lines does not take into account polyphonic writing. I mean, if I have 2 voices in the same staff and a put octava line in the upper voice, even the lower voice is concerned by octava.

Before I put octava line :
Pb 8ctava and voices 1.png
After I put octava line :
Pb 8ctava and voices 2.png
It is really annoying when lower voice (in blue) has a slur.
Pb 8ctava and voices.7z (305 KB)

Use the Alt key when applying the ottava line, and it’ll only apply to the voice that’s selected.
If you’re using the popover, use Alt+Enter to close the popover.
If you’re applying the clef from the right panel, hold the Alt key while you click the ottava line into the score.

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Oh thanks again pianoleo !
I have searched maybe one hour to solve this problem, it didn’t find any clue even in the documentation !

Oh man this solved my problem! Is this in the reference manual? I could not find it but I seem to be notoriously bad at finding stuff in the manual.

It is, just make sure you’re looking at the latest manual. All notations that have a “local” input option are documented in this way - in a single task, with the two closing-the-popover/clicking-in-the-panel options presented together.

I’d be interested to know what you searched for or where you looked in the manual.

Even though I’ve known for ages what ALT+Click and ALT+ENTER do, I am always surprised to discover new areas in which they apply. I know I should not be surprised, but I am–pleasantly.

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I call them ottava lines, not octave lines - which is a new term to me. Searching for ‘ottava lines’ in the Help reference just brings up entries with the word ‘lines’ in them.

As an Aussie, I suppose we speak British English. I suspect the usage ottava rather than octave for these lines is a dialect thing, like crotchets and so on.

Ah yes, very good point. You’ll get better results in a future manual :slight_smile:

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