'Solved' Pc crashes after using Spectral Layers 9

I hope im posting these in the appropriate area .
I have a problem with trying to use Cubase after the full version of SL9 has been opened . Some times i get a blue screen after Cubase has quit but most of the time Cubase just freezes and not useable .
This only happens if i have been editing audio files in Spectral layers before opening Cubase , so could SL be holding on to something and stopping Cubase from using it ? .

Simple for me to reproduce
Open SL9 , add some audio and edit .
Close Spectral Layers and open Cubase C12

Cubase either locks up or the comp produces a blue screen .

I have run scannow to see if there was anything needed fixing on windows side but everything seemed ok . I must state that BOTH SL9 and Cubase are very very stable , this is the only isse and the work around is simply restart the Pc after using SL9 .
Here’s a couple of crash dumps

Cubase 64bit 2023.4.13 (1.2 MB)
Cubase 64bit 2023.4.15 (1.4 MB)

I see this line in both logs. I would try disabling the
Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth in MIDI Port setup, and see if that stops the crashing.



Cheers Steve
i had a feeling it might be something to do with this.

Good thinking , will give it ago .

It looks like you could be totally correct on this Steve , i have only done mild editing in SL today but normally C12 would crash after any use of SL but it hasn’t since taking your advice . I’ll leave this open for a few days and then give you as big fat solved if that’s the case :+1: :grin: :coffee: