(Solved) Play only selected notes


I often need to isolate some notes to listen them alone. This is not equivalent to a solo mode, because I might only want to listen to a voice, a short segment, some out-of-range notes.

If all the notes in a stave are selected, it would be the equivalent of the solo of the corresponding mixer channel.

It would work in a simple way: when notes are selected, only they will be played when clicking Play or the equivalent shortcut. This would not work if only a single note is selected, since this already means “start playback from this note”. But if at least two notes are selected, it would isolate them.


I’m not sure I understand. It’s already the case that if you select a handful of notes in a single instrument (or indeed in multiple instruments), only that instrument or those instruments will play back when you hit P.

Daniel, it is not working exactly as described, here.

  • If I select a stave by clicking in it (all contained notes are automatically selected), it works. Only that stave will play.

  • If I select one or more notes in a stave by dragging, all staves will play.

  • If I select one or more notes by Cmd-clicking, only the notes on that stave are playing.

The main VSTi I’m using is NotePerformer.


hi daniel,

this doesn’t work for me for any type of piano score - whether or not i have multiple voices in the player. if i select (say) two measures of the F-clef and hit ‘p’ (P results in a popover), both the G-clef and F-clef play.

if i select notes in a particular voice in either clef, i get the same result.

is it the case this only works per ‘instrument’ and since the piano is defined as an ‘instrument’ in Dorico, it will not behave as expected?



You cannot play only one voice on a given staff. It wasn’t clear to me that is what Paolo is asking for in his original post.

Hi Daniel, no, I’ve the same problem with just a single voice in each staff. I’ll take a short video to give you an example.

EDIT: It behaves differently with different projects. May I send you privately a file?


Of course.

Daniel, it no longer does it. My hint: I had unused voices somewhere, that were automatically deleted when closing the project. In any case, I’m not able to reproduce it. Sorry for the alarm. Should it happen again, I’ll report it in detail.