[SOLVED] Playback issue on Macbook Pro

Hey folks,

I have installed Dorico on both my iMac and my Macbook Pro, and I am using the hardware lisence dongle.
On the iMac everything is working fine, but on the Macbook Pro I have very strange playback—the music sounds like being played fast forward on a tape (very high frequencies and tempi).
I tried quitting Dorico, restarting the Mac, running the reset script I found here on the forum, and even re-installing the software. Without success. :frowning:
What else can I do? Could it be my hardware’s fault…? I am on a late 2011 MB Pro with El Capitan.

Thanks for any help!

Daniel H.

It’s probably not the hardware’s fault. It could be a funny sample rate and/or buffer size setting. Review carefully the settings in Edit > Device Setup and in particular make sure the sample rate is set to 44.1kHz.

Thanks Daniel, you were probably right…!
The settings looked correct already, but after re-entering the 44.1kHz Dorico is now playing back nicely. :slight_smile:

Best, DH