[SOLVED] Playback missing notes

The Bb I have highlighted here never plays in playback. If I transpose it up a whole step to a C, then it plays fine.

I am using the 01. HALion Sonic SE instrument.

Thank you.

This might depend on the instrument allocated to that barytone singer. The B flat is probably out of range of that instrument ! Try using a piano sound, I am sure it will playback !

Given that the vocal sounds in the stock HALion Sonic SE library are so poor, I would recommend using a different sound in any case: show the HALion Sonic SE window, and in the left-hand list of sounds loaded identify the relevant channel (you can match it up with the channel shown in the track header in Play mode for your Baritone voice instrument if you can’t immediately identify it in HALion), then click there to open the little MediaBay window and choose a new sound. I would suggest something from the woodwind family of the HALion Symphonic Orchestra library, e.g. ‘Bassoon Combi’.

Thank you, Daniel. I always follow your advice by using the HSO Combi instruments for voice now and I’ve been fairly satisfied with the results.