Solved:Solved: Playback stop issue plus heavy CPU problem

First off, PG, I still have the chugging motion in the wave file as the track plays and WL10 is struggling with plugins. Win10 latest version OS (18362.418), and latest AMD/Radeon graphics driver (26.20.13025.10004). WL9.5 and 3 other standalone programs perform perfectly.

But now something new:

I have two plugins loaded in the EFX chain. I can bypass either one and the audio continues. However, if I elect to bypass the Master Section via the Bypass button, my audio playback will stop, the track frozen. If I hit Play at this point, the track will play. Then, when I turn the Master Section on via the Bypass button, the audio will freeze again, but start to play if I hit Play.

If this has been reported and on the list to fix, great, sorry to be a repeater.

Upon further investigation…I find that the stereo track is at 44.1, and I have the Resampling section set to 48K. If I TURN THE RESAMPLE FEATURE OFF, the Master Section (when Bypassed or Engaged) will NOT stop the playback of the audio.

HOWEVER NOTE: When I perform the same operation in WL9.5 (setting the Resample section to 48K), there is ONLY a very slight hesitation (1 second) AND THEN THE AUDIO CONTINUES PLAYING. I do not have to hit Play.


To PG: All of my problems seem to stem from the RESAMPLE option. When the sound file is 44.1 and I TURN OFF the Resample option then all the problems I am experiencing with WL10 go away. The chugging, the Master section stopping the audio, and the plugins overwhelming the CPU meter. (If I select another sample rate and TURN ON THE RESAMPLE FUNCTION then the problems return.)

Somehow WL9.5 does not suffer from this reaction - which tells me there is something wrong with the WL10 software that still needs to be addressed - however - at least I have a workaround. I see, too, that NOW I CAN SELECT ‘Release audio driver when WL is in the background’, something that I have always used with WL in the past but (in WL10) I had to turn off - for some reason - to conserve CPU usage while using my plugins.