[SOLVED] Playback Template not recalling instruments


I created a Playback Template including my custom Endpoint Setup (a.k.a. Manual Playback Template) and a custom Expression Map.

When recalling the Playback Template in a new document, the custom Expression Map appears in the list of maps, but no instrument is added to the Play > VST Instruments pane.

I made a video showing the various steps I followed to reach to that point. Can someone point me to the mistake I have done?

[video deleted]


In the first score you load, is the violin a section player? In the second score you created a solo player, so if you created the endpoint configuration from a section player then it won’t be used for a solo player.

Bingo! Yes, there was a mismatch between the first score’s instrument type (a section) and the second score’s (a solo instrument).

When they match, the playback template can make the saved instrument appear.

Thank you for solving this issue to me.


I’m glad it was that simple!