[SOLVED] Playing from and with external Synths?

Hi Steinberg and Community,

I’m trying to build a mobile Studio around my ipad with Cubasis 2.
I know how to work in a Desktop DAW but my Cubasis acts a little strange if I want to record and play Midi Data from and with external Gear:

Gear is set up properly. Cubasis Midi Channel - Interface In and Output and Channel Numbers are correct. Midi Channel is in Record Mode. I can play with my Master Keyboard and Cubasis Virtual Keyboard responds. But the external Synth does not. If I play on the ipad with my fingers on Cubasis Virtual Keyboard, the external Synth does respond! So everything works except Note Information from an external Keyboard get’s stuck in Cubasis and isn’t transmitted to the external Gear “in real time”.

I first thought It might be something wrong with the Master Keyboard but I checked it with different Devices. Even changed Interfaces, Midi-Cables… the list goes on. But the gear is fine.

It might be just a setting in Cubasis or me being stupid but I don’t see it. Any tipps?


Hi Stefan,

Since Cubasis supports both Core Audio and Core MIDI compatible hardware, there should be no problems to use an external synth with the app.
Please provide us with more details about the components in use and the involved steps to reproduce the problem: How to report a Cubasis problem - Cubasis - Steinberg Forums


Hi Lars,
case closed. I had to delete and reinstall Cubasis. Now it works.
Thanks for your help.

Thanks for the update, Stefan.
Glad to hear all is up and running, as expected!