Solved: Please correct the version history - equation for semiquaver is X not S

I’m revising a piece I initially input in Dorico 1.1.10. It’s a delight to be able to undo all the workarounds I previously needed, predominantly now fixed with add/remove stave functionality and tempo equations.

In theory I ought to be able to invoke the tempo popover and type s=s to get semiquaver = semiquaver. I find that I can type e=e or w=w but not s=s. It’s still available to me via the right panel, but I wonder if I’ve uncovered a bug?

Gif to describe:

Try x=x

Thanks dbudde - that works. So presumably that means the Version History is wrong.

If you enter it from the sidebar and then edit the popover you see the actual shortcut.

It’s in the spirit of Quords, xemiquaver.

Ha! But why would I use the sidebar, given I’ve read and internalised the Version History? :laughing:

I’m guessing that when they wrote the history document, spell check corrected xemiquaver to semiquaver.

Why would you read version history when you have popup help?

I doubt it - I can’t imagine that a single lowercase x (on the right hand side of the screenshot) would autocorrect to a single lower-case x.

I suspect it’s more likely that Daniel was burning the candle at both ends writing the Version History while trying to finalise 2.2, and I can more than forgive him for a sleep-deprived mistake. Thank you Daniel, and thank you Scoring Team! [edit: voting team? That WAS an autocorrect fail!]

Mostly in order to point people towards the correct page :wink: