[SOLVED] Please - Only Arrow keys to edit notes!

I have posted this before as an add-on to another post, but I want to make it a formal request.

I compose by typing “R” to repeat the last note, then using arrow keys to move the note around. Works super well for me, it’s quick, and I don’t have a problem with accidentally editing as Daniel is worried about.

Having to hold down the Alt/Option key to perform the note move is tedious and results in potentially hundreds of extra presses on my keyboard while I edit. Plus I have to look down at my hands and it slows me down. Irritating if you want to know the truth!

So my formal request: could you make holding the Alt/Option key optional for editing notes? Put it in preferences as a check box? Or allow a key binding so I could just use the arrow keys for editing/moving notes? I tried using a custom key command (I thought I had found it) but it doesn’t work as expected.

Thanks for considering this. :smiley:




Having to use ALT is a pain, so slow and awkward for something which needs to be used for basic not entry,
functions which are required all the time should not need an additional key press.

Or if we really must: make it Alt Gr + arrow. Then I can hit R with my left hand and edit pitch with my right hand.
(spoiled with 12 years of sib)

I’ve addressed this issue in other threads, including this one.

Thank-you Daniel.