[Solved] Plug-in doesn't read the expected number of channels


I am currently developing a VST3 plug-in to improve my 360 video editing workflow in Premiere Pro. I started developing from the helloWorldWithGui example and the Again example of the sdk.
The plug-in is supposed to be an effect that I put on ambisonic audio, and that treat the different channels of this audio file.

However I have a problem. When I want to get the number of channels of my audio bus with data.inputs[0].numChannels (in the method plugprocessor::process(processData& data)), if I put the effect on a mono, a stereo or a 5.1 file in Premiere Pro, I get the good number being 1 for mono, 2 for stereo etc. But when I use my effect on an adaptative audio file with 4 channels (representing a 1st order ambisonic), the plug-in thinks that it corresponds to only 1 channel.
I do need to have access to the 4 different channels of an ambisonic audio in order for my plug-in to work, so as the plug-in only identify 1 channel for the audio it is a problem.

I am guessing the problem is specific to adaptative audio in Premiere, but I don’t have any idea on how to resolve that problem. Do any of you have an idea :question:

Thanks a lot :exclamation: :exclamation:

Problem solved. The problem was the busArrangements of the plug-in.