[Solved]plugins disabled?

Hi all,

I can add some plugins, trying out CB11, however, while setting up a master fx group, I run into the problem that some plugins load, but are ‘disabled’ and seem locked/ frozen. switching chanel and dropping another field on the diabled plugin makes it possible to select another or no plugin again.

Is this a bug or am I missing something?

Works fine here…

Can you Alt/click it ?

maybe trash your preferences…

Tx for looking into it, I trashed my prefs, without succes… unfortunately…

Constrain Delay Compensation

Tx for your reply, I am not at my DAW PC right now, but will check tonight… I did enable it this weekend night while recording in a VST, that might be the cause.

Cheers, will keep this thread updated.

Thank you Hurmpie, that was the deal! I barely touched this on CB 10.5, now I needed to use it and forgot about that pesky little button in the left bottom corner of my screen…

Cheers, keep on rockin’!