[SOLVED] Pre loaded demos - Solved

In case anyone has yet to work this out, the demos can now be deleted.

This can be done without installing any apps. Go to Files/on my iPad/Cubasis/Projects and just select and delete them.

Hi Anstolasia,

Thanks for your comment.

While it is possible to delete many Cubasis related files via the Files app, we strongly suggest to do it with utmost care.
Deleting important files is done at your own risk and can lead to malfunction or break the app.

In this regard, please make sure to backup your files on a regular basis.


I deleted the demo files when IOS 11 was released and have had no problems since then. I regularly back up though as a matter of course. I did do this knowing it would be at my own risk and may end up needing a reinstall. I should have made it clear in my post that deleting the demo files was at the users own risk.

Hi Astrolasia,

Thanks for the update.
We greatly appreciate tips like this being shared from users to users!