[SOLVED] Precount does not work.

I am just learning Cubasis and I have encountered a very basic problem: the precount does not work no matter how many bars I set it to count off. I go to setup - metronome- and select 1 bar. When I try to record there is no count-off. Recording begins immediately. What have I failed to do? I am running the latest version of Cubasis (1.8.3) on a 64 gig ipad.


could you please try it like this: Please activate pre-count by tapping the COUNT button located in the REC MODE menu (to be found in the tools sub menu). More information about the available modes and their function to be found in the In-App help (Project View/Tools/Recording modes).



Ricardo: Thanks so much for your advice. It was right on the mark, and so easy to do once I knew where to go. I felt certain there must be a simple solution. Thanks again. Forums are wonderful! :smiley:

You are very much welcome! Enjoy… :wink:


Thank you…I had the same problem but found the count button in the metronome sub menu. Now, I’m excited instead of frustrated :smiley:

Thanks for the update, Ricklh!

In addition, please find the transport bar including available recording modes fully explained in the Project View/Transport Panel chapter of the Cubasis In-App help.


Ok I do not have a COUNT button! There is a play record rewind and fast forward and that it is it. There is no change when I select record. How do I get the precount to work? The manual says select this button but it is not there

I’m having a similar issue. Can’t find any tools sub menu or recording tools menu? Feel like I’m missing a whole juicy section of buttons somewhere.

Found it! Recording modes are hidden away under the bpm menu!

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Hi TheTambourineSolo,

Thanks for the update.
Glad to hear you’ve been able to solve the problem yourself.