[SOLVED] Precount Setting Missing from Android version?

Hi. I purchased Cubasis for my Pixel 4 XL phone to quickly capture ideas before exporting them to Cubase/Nuendo. I’m intending to use it mostly as a simple audio editor. I’m hoping to disable the pre-count so it’ll start recording right away but I can’t figure out how to do this. I checked the Cubasis manual and it says there should be precount settings under ‘Metronome’ in the Setup tab, but I’m missing this feature - all I have to adjust in this tab is ‘volume’ and ‘pan’. Is this feature just not available on the Android version or am I missing something?


Click on the tempo at top and you will see precount mode amongst other settings.

Thanks so much Robin. It seems the online manual is either out-of-date or relevant to a different version. Appreciate the reply.

Hi MarkRM,

Glad to read that you have been able to sort out the issue, thanks to robinwebb (Thank you!).

There is no updated Cubasis online help version available on the web.
Please use the in-app manual that comes with the app itself.

Stay well,

Thanks Lars. I tried the in-app manual and didn’t find it very helpful, to be honest.

Typing ‘precount’ into the search field didn’t give me any results, and the first mention of precount I found in the Transport Panel page still says ‘Adjust metronome and precount settings in the setup screen’. When I click on the word ‘setup’, it takes me to the Metronome section of the Setup page, which is not where precount is adjusted on the Android version.