(SOLVED)Preference Option Request: Do Not Include Marker Tracks/Cycle Markers in Folder Group Editing (or ability to loc

hey I just ran into this,

I have cycle markers used to mark and export events but I wanted to have extra slack on each event before rendering the edits.

Because the events start and ends are exactly in line with the cycle markers, when I go to adjust the events the cycle marker is also included in the group edit and moves when I don’t want it to.

ie, have this as a preference for marker tracks/cycle markers , or, have the ability to lock marker tracks/cycle markers.

-Right click on the marker track
-Choose track control settings from menu
-Add Lock from the list of hidden controls
-Click apply

Marker track can now be locked. Derived this tip from another post. Thanks to that person! I was constantly getting markers selected when doing stuff and then accidentally deleting them!

thanks good tip