SOLVED (Probably): Trying out Groove Agent 5 - duplicate entires

Hi. I’m stumped. I am using Cubase Pro 10 on 64bit PC and it came with Groove Agent 5 SE.

I’ve been downloading and auditioning libraries from Steinberg today. At one point I downloaded the full Groove Agent 5 demo as well.

Several libraries have demos or trial offerings. One I tried was Simon Phillips Jazz Drums. It’s just what I need.

I did not need the full Groove Agent 5 so I uninstalled that. I have not bought SP Jazz Drums yet (still in Trial mode).

However, in Groove Agent SE 5 I now have duplicate entries for kits in Simon Phillips Jazz Drums (Such as Boogaloo Brush - Tempo 120 and Boogaloo Brush - Tempo 120). Each copy works just fine but I’ve noticed that one is locked and the other isn’t.

I’ve been all over the Program Data folder and Media Bay and even did a full rescan in Groove Agent 5 SE. Still have duplicates. I figure it’s a database problem but have no idea how to resolve/correct it. Is there a way to wipe and rebuild the database?

All help appreciated.

I uninstalled and deleted every single file and entry I could find related to “Simon Phillips Jazz Drums” including the trial license on eLicenser. It appeared nowhere in Groove Agent 5 SE or in the Steinberg Library Manager. It was not in any User AppData, User Content, Recycle Bin, or User Download folders. I rebooted.

I bought the full “Simon Phillips Jazz Drums” license and, using the Steinberg Download Assistant, re-installed it (Single User). I deleted the downloaded files through Steinberg Download Assistant. The license worked, it appears in the Steinberg Library Manager and in Groove Agent 5 SE. However, the duplicate entries (two of every single Simon Phillips Jazz Drums Kit) are still there. Both entries work but one is locked and the other is not. Is this correct? Is this a bug or a feature? Does this mean I can edit one but not the other?

Please help. This is driving me a bit nuts. Thanks.

SOLVED (Probably) - Since Simon Phillips Jazz Drums installed a locked copy and an unlocked copy of each kit I have found that I can save an altered preset (I changed "Sync to Beat from “ON” to ,“OFF”) to the unlocked copy. I am supposing this is the reason for two types of kits. As far as saving this, I could not find the “Preset Management Button” as stated in the manual but at the very top just to the right of the “Event Received Indicator” is a field on which you can right-click to get a menu to save or load your presets. Damn, this was hard to find.

FOLLOW UP - I decided to buy the full Groove Agent 5. After it was installed and activated the duplicate entries disappeared. Why? I have no idea.

I have found that you can select all pads in “Patterns” and unclick “Sync to Beat” then save as a preset to quickly disable “Sync to Beat” for all patterns in that set.

Well…%$#@! I re-scanned my disks in the full Groove Agent 5 and now the duplicate entries in Simon Phillips Jazz Drums have shown up again. One set locked, the other not.