[SOLVED] Problem Changing Quick Control Targets

I’m trying to control Sample Start with one of the Quick Controls on a Sampler track, but don’t know how.

I can pull up the default quick controls from the instrument, and they work.

When I try to change any of the default targets to point to a different parameter (not only Sample Start; I can’t point to any target successfully), nothing happens when I move the knobs on an external controller.

When I activate Learn and move the controller knob, the QC target switches back to the default parameter.

I can create an automation track, draw data for the intended target parameter and the quick control follows.

What am I missing this time?

Looks like a big bunch of my posts are about the quick controls :confused:

Are you remember to turn off the Learn Function after you’ve assigned an item to a QC slot?

Did you deactivate the QCs for the VSTi – Instrument Track or Race instance?


I think so. What’s a “Race instance”, though?

I achieved my goal, but so far Ive learned next to nothing. It was a series of reloading projects, restarting controllers, cubase, and on another note understanding that for Cubase to remember Generic Remote settings, you need to export them, etc. However, Now I have Circuit knobs assigned to the Track QCs and Oxygen 88 sliders, knobs and buttons controlling VST Mixer via GR.

New question: is it either or, or can I use unused knobs, sliders and buttons as GR, if other knobs, sliders and buttons on the same device are already assigned to Track QCs? I’m dreaming of using the remaining Circuit buttons to control Cubase Transport functions, but even though I could “teach” Circuit knobs to Track QCs, looks like I can’t get anything on Circuit to impact Learn in GR panel.

Race = Rack (my typo, sorry) Track or Rack instrument.

All I can offer is that you should be able to get some functionality out of what you have. I’ve never been able to get Cubase to respond to some switches on my controller, but it does respond to a lot of them. I have eight rotary controllers, eight switches and eight MPC style pads in four banks – Cubase responds to them all in various ways. There are Quick Control Presets.

Not sure why you’re not getting the learn function to work with the equipment. I’ve had issues where there’s a bit of a “lag” before Cubase “remembers” and responds to my controller. Almost like something has to ‘wake up.’ I’ve had it be a bit finicky. Check with MIDI OX to see if your equipment is transmitting notes/controllers. If you know the device is transmitting, then getting it to talk to Cubase should work to some degree.


Thanks Stephen! Noticed you’re active in the other related thread too, much appreciated.

I’m going to give the remaining knobs and buttons another try once out of office later today, but meanwhile; would you care to comment on that other question I had?

Q: is it by design possible in Cubase to assign device components (knobs, faders, buttons. Not the same component, but from the same device) to BOTH Track QCs AND GR?

With Circuit I’ve so far failed at that.

Yes, it is. Just create a new GR and start assigning knobs/faders/buttons to different parameters/CCs. Perhaps avoid using the same assignments you already have for QCs.

I’ve got something else going on in my system, though. At some point, while MIDI input is recognized by the project, the GR console stops recognizing it for “Learn” and I need to restart Cubase.

It sounds like things are starting to work. There are some issues that come up from time to time, but, all in all, I’ve gotten my controller doing some very helpful things with GR. For me, the difficult part as been to remember to use it. :slight_smile:

Quick Controls

I really needed to get this working earlier - having searched for and after reading all of this thread ( & a few more ), I was still having problems with Quick Controls basically ignoring all of my assignments.

I revived this thread, because at some point, someone else might also want to get Quick Controls working too.

Solution ?

If anyone has read this far, here’s what worked for me.

In 2014, Steinberg added a Remote Control Editor.
This is what stands between the users quick controls assignments and the VST instrument controls.

In a VST instrument, in the far right corner, there is an arrow with a menu, and in there is the Remote Control Editor.

Here, you can reset / initialise the assignments, and start over by adding the controls ‘you - the user’ wants. And you can save these as presets if you want different assignments.

Also, having set these up - Quick Controls now uses these for ‘Get default QC’s from plug-in’.

Really useful, and very powerful. <<< NOW ! >>>

Quick Controls is working happily - using the controls and parameters I choose to use.