[SOLVED] Problem cubasis and sampletank ?

Hey, Sorry for my english…

I habe a Problem and i dont Now maby this is a Limit because of IAA … In sampletank i have 4 Parts, with 4 midi Channels. But i can only use one with cubasis. Is there a Chance to have all 4 Parts in cubasis? One IAA Pipeline and on this Pipeline 4 seperate midi Channels ?..

I hobe someone Unverstand me and can helb me if this is posibile?..

Greetings, der Alte (Sack) :smiling_imp:


You have to you Audiobus for more than one MIDI channel and Virtual MIDI. IAA will only allow one MIDI channel. So you could send all four parts the same MIDI data to create a layered sound.


Hi sedgetone!

Thank you for your answer. So with audiobus i can use all 4 sampletank midi Channels seperate?

I am right?

Thank you, Oliver

Hey yeeaahhrrr!

My friend, it Works with IAA too! Just loading the sampletank, in cubase load 4 midi Tracks with no Instrument, in sampletank aktivate all 4 Parts, and in sampletank you have to give every Part a seperate midi Channel, aktivate all 4 Parts in sampletank ( they all Must be red) and you have 4 seperate midi Channels wih 4 sperate instruments in one Iaa… Thats cool!,

Hi guys

This is a IAA protocol limitation. IAA can only stream a stereo output per app.

Der alte’s response (above) is the correct solution to your problem. The limitation only relates to audio-streams, not MIDI.

Happy recording !

Confirmed, der Alte’s solution works for me too. For Audiobus use, set each part to a different channel and make them active (red). In Cubasis you need four MIDI channels and one audio input.