[solved] Problem Installing Cubase 9 grace period

hi there ,i am trying to activate cubase 9 ,i was within the grace period ok . i have downloaded and installed cubase 9. but i get this error message when i try running the e licencer to perform maintainance ,
"api-ms-win-crt-runtime-I1-1-0.dll " is missing . then it says try reinstalling ,i have tried re installing a couple of times from the cubase installer, i haven`t tried uninstalling from the control panal s unistaller thanks ,any ideas.

sussed it out, uninstall cubase 9 elicenser controll centre via the controll panal /uninstall programs.
then reinstall cubase 8.5`s (or your previous version) elicenser controll centre from 8.5 installation files /additional content /copy protection driver. , perform maintainance online and it will auto update to cubase 9.