[SOLVED] Problem to export flows with music and frame text

I have a problem: When a project is made up of flows composed only of music frames and I go to export the flows all is well. But if the various flows are also composed of text frames and then I go to export the flows, the single flows always contain all the pages, including those of the other flows. Why?

Dear Colandrea,
Then you have the same problem I suggested to John in the last Discover Dorico session. The only thing you can do is recreate the text frames, copy-paste the text, and yes, you will loose all formatting. I used paragraph styles extensively, but I confess this loss of formatting does not encourage me to fusion those files. I think I’ll keep my numbers separated until there’s a better solution.

Thanks Marc for the suggestion. We hope there is some improvement in the next updates

It is as if the flows with text frames were not separated from each other, so when you go to export them as separate files, these contain the text frames not only of the current flow but also those of the other flows

Text frames and their contents are not associated with any specific flow: they are associated with specific pages in your layout. So when you export a flow and choose to export a particular layout, then you will export all pages of the layout that contain overrides (which is how text frames etc. appear).

Then I could save two files, one with overrides and one without, and finally export the flows of the one without overrides and thus have the flows separated with only the music frames. I think this could be a good solution. Thanks Daniel.

The problem can be said to be solved