[SOLVED] Problem with sending MIDI from Track to VSTi / MIDI Interface

I have no idea what has happened and I was editing a percussion ensemble project thingie (that should have been ready yesterday!!!) when I noticed my controller keyboard couldn’t trigger sounds anymore.
Everything works and then all of a sudden my MIDI Tracks stops working.
Hitting notes on the controller make the Track meters indicate something is coming in.
A VSTi connected to the MIDI Track does not make a sound and the indicator on the VSTi does not indicate something is coming in
Sending out the MIDI notes to the MIDI interface also won’t indicate something is received.
The monitor button on the MIDI Track is active.
Hitting the keys on the onscreen GUI of the VSTi works and there is sound.
So something goes in via USB and nothing comes out.

I open other projects and open a new project from the “empty” template and they’re all the same.
I restart the computer and it’s the same.
I close Cubase and rename the preference folder, start again and let Cubase create a new preference folder.
Cubase starts and … all my preferences are of course reset so it looks like a mess … BUT EVERYTHING WORKS!
No hardware failure and it’s a step in the right direction.
I start to drop back preferences file by file and when I come to UserPreferences.xml Cubase looks like I’m used to again …
… but the sound is also gone !!!

Just to be sure I go through the process one more time and that’s it. Something is wrong with UserPreferences.xml

So … is there a setting somewhere that I hit by accident without noticing or realizing?
Has anyone else done something similar?

I found an even older UserPreferences.xml file … in the recycling bin!!! :confused: :blush: :mrgreen: :sunglasses:
Just about everything is back to normal …