[solved] Problem with system break before open meter bar

In my orchestral score I would like to input system break one bar (lets call it „bar nr 31”) before changing time signature to open meter. If I’m doing it, the bar nr 31 is moving to next page, but occupies whole page and open meter bar is moving to another page.

I think this happened because open meter bar is very long and Dorico is automatically moving it to next page. But even if I will make system brake within open meter bar, the bar nr 31 still occupies whole previous page and the first part of open meter bar occupies next page.

How can I have bar nr 31 and a little bit of open-meter bar in the same page? Something like create „backwards system break” into open meter bar. I hope my description is clear.

Finally I sloved it by myself:
Setup mode – layout options - staves and systems - casting off - allow open bars to be split across system breaks.