[SOLVED] Project disappeared

This one is a complete mystery to me. I spent 90 mins recording vocals and guitar to a Cubasis 3 project (current version of C3 on an iPad Pro 9.5 with 128GB STORAGE). When I went to listen to it back the next day it was nowhere to be found. Not in the Projects (Media Bay); not in the trash; not even any ghost audio files in the audio file section.

I have always felt nervous about the lack of a ‘save’ option in Cubasis (although there is a ‘snapshot’ option/workaround) but now I feel at present that I cannot trust it with my work. I am no newbie to recording but if I am missing something I would love to know.

It’s strange as old projects I have recorded are still there even after .x updates but not my last recording. I experienced freezes/crashes resulting in lost work in Cubasis 2 before which put me off but Cubasis 3 seemed more reliable - until now. No dialogue box saying there was a problem. Just a vanished project.

Hi RayDeeyay,

Thank you for your message.
We are sorry to read about your Cubasis issues.

If possible, please let us have more information about the topic:

  • What was the name of the project? Did it contain any special characters?
  • After the recording, did you just go to the home screen and leave Cubasis open in the background, or did you quit Cubasis via the app switcher?
  • When you navigate to the Cubasis 3 / Projects folder with the iOS Files app, do you see any trace of your project? There should be a folder YourProjectName.cbp, is it present? If so, does it contain a file with the same name?


Hi Lars,
Thank you for your reply. Yes, it was in the iOS files app, thank you. Now, when I open Cubasis 3 it appears back in the Media Bay with the other projects as expected

I am curious as to how it ‘disappeared’ in the first place. Might this, as you alluded to in your reply, have something to do with whether the app is closed before turning off the iPad itself, a default save location preference, or some other reason?

Hi RayDeeyay,

Thanks for the update, we are very glad to hear the problem could be fully resolved by this.
Unfortunately we have no further information about the cause of the issue itself.