[Solved] Project info navigation

Just another nitpicky request:
I’ve just been editing project info on a big project, adding a few lines of info to every flow. At the moment, every edit disappears if I navigate to another flow, and thus I have to close and reopen the dialog for every flow. As reopening the dialog doesn’t take me back to the last edited flow, I have to use the dropdown menu. This makes perfect sense, but adds a few more mouse clicks to this particular operation.

Somewhere down the line, I hope you can consider retaining new info when navigating to other flows, or someway to confirm edits without closing the window. This would be an appreciated timesaver in possibly the most boresome work one can do in Dorico.

Keep up the great work!

You need to hit Tab after you’ve filled a field, before switching. Without it, Dorico doesn’t know that you’ve typed something in and doesn’t update the field correctly.

Oh thanks a lot, that’s exactly what I need (and exactly what I would expect when I think about it). I must have been really slow this morning.