[SOLVED] Properties for lines not available in Dorico Pro 4

Which properties are missing? Is the issue that you think it looks as if the slide switches in the Properties panel are completely disabled? If so, they’re not: you can still click them to enable those properties. The contrast between the switch background and the switch itself is not strong enough in the light theme at the moment, and I know Anthony is aware of that issue.

I see. I have been led astray. The way the properties panel looks (all greyed-out), appears like it’s not available for editing. But clicking on items makes them ‘live’. I find this to be somewhat non-intuitive (for whatever that overwrought term is worth).

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The color scheme in light mode needs some revamping. You’re not the first to be confused by this.

Likely, I’m not the last.

Quite so. You can hardly tell it’s even a toggle in the default state because the greys are so close in hue. It was superior in 3.5.

For reference this is a continuation of this discussion from last week.

Allow me to repeat myself, from my initial reply in this thread:


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