[SOLVED] Punch in and punch out

I must be doing something wrong. The punch in and punch out is not working correctly for me. I read that it was fixed. After I recorded audio into the iPad. I tried to go in and punch in over a certain part. It recorded it when I punch in but I can still hear what was previously recorded under it. I’ll push play. And a part that I want to cut over I will hit the record while it’s playing. It records me but I still hear the original audio thats under it. In audio setting the play back audio tracks while recording is Not enabled. So my question is am I suppose to hear the original track while I’m recording over it. I thought it would override the original track.

I’m having the same issue!

Hi Geque2000,

Thank you for your message.

I am able to reproduce the problem.

If you enable/disable the “Play audio tracks while recording” setup option, the behaviour should change.

From then on, audio of existing parts on a track should be muted, when doing overdub recordings. However, the audio seems to be muted before a punch in/out starts too. So the feature seems to be partly broken nevertheless.

Will share the issue with the team.

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Has there been any movement on this issue by chance?

Hi dantesinfernal,

The issue is planned to be resolved with the upcoming Cubasis update.

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Excellent! Thanks Lars!

Checking a few month later if anything moved on this problem.
Not being able to overdub the way it’s been done for ever is a real problem.


The issue has been fixed with Cubasis 3.1 back then.


Lars, thank you for your answer.
From my point of view overdubbing in Cubasis 3 is not possible.
As long as the app plays ALL the regions stacked together on a track simultaneously I can’t use it.
All the DAW that I ever used play only the top (visible) region on a track when there’s overlapping regions.
I don’t understand why Cubasis 3 is behaving like a looper - it plays ALL the regions stacked on a track - instead of a actual DAW like… Cubase or Nuendo! Who made that call?
The lack of cross fade function does not help either.
I was really excited about using Cubasis 3 on my iPad Pro for location recording and simple editing when on the move, then transfer the session to Nuendo back in the studio… but the lack of very basic editing functions in Cubasis 3 makes that a very distant possibility.
Please let us know when a fix is in the works.
Thank you!