SOLVED : purchase of Elements 8 upgrade...

So I installed the Yamaha version of the Cubase AI 8…decided it might be a good idea to buy the upgrade to Elements 8, no probs - downloaded it and fully uninstalled the AI 8 version.

Installed the “NEW” Elements 8 just downloaded, ran the program and…it still loaded as AI8, NOT elements…so I checked in the manual for something that is Elements 8 only (Arranger Track for example) so then had a look at the Project menu, no Arranger Track - so what gives Steinberg…why is Elements 8 (a paid for upgrade) still only installing AI8?? I should have guessed there would be an issue when even the shortcut placed on the desktop was named Cubase LE AI Elements 8…

This is really making me think I should perhaps just stick with Sonar - I WAS warned about the hassles with Steinberg software…perhaps that advice was correct!

Can anyone advise on this please?


Hi there

Fairly obvious statement, but have you entered the activation code into the eLicencer properly, if my memory serves me it continues to run as Ai until that is done, just a thought!

Best Regards


thx - I will try that again…it did accept it (afaik) the first time, but it cannot hurt to try again.

yep that did it -thx. Seemed I had to change the actual program licence to be upgraded. I was re-activating the existing licence for AI…