SOLVED- Purchased SpectraLayers Pro 9, but Nuendo 12 defaults to SpectraLayers 1 Basic

I just purchased the upgrade form SpectraLayers 8 to 9 Pro, and Nuendo 12 now defaults to Spectralayers Basic 1.
If you unnisntall Spect. 9, Nuendo 12 sees no Spectralayers at all- Spectralayers 8 is still installed.
Reinstall again SpectraLayers Upgrade to 9 Pro, now Nuendo only sees Spectralayers Basic 1 again.
All is left to do is to unninstall and reinstall Nuendo 12, which I don’t want to do because it is finetuned to my work flow.
Also, in the Product Page it shows my SpectraLayer Pro 9 is not being used on any computer, even though I already upgraded the e-Licencer several times.

EDIT: However in the eLicencer it shows the SpectraLayers Pro 9 Upgraded and registered.

FFF Frustrating!
Now I cant work till I hear from Steinberg.

You didn’t activate your SL9 Pro license in the Steinberg Activation Manager.

Do you the mean eLicenser? Yes it shows activated, as I just wrote above.
Unless you mean something else.

The Spectralayers Pro 9 Stand Alone is also the Basic version!
It looks like Steinberg put in the wrong file for the Steinberg Download Assistant!

@JDSStudios I mean the Steinberg Activation Manager, that’s the new application that replaces eLicenser. It’s automatically installed by the Steinberg Download Manager. You should see it in your start menu.

Are you using SPLayers Pro 9?
Even the stand alone installation is not the Pro version.

There’s only one installer for all 3 editions (One/Elements/Pro). The installer is called “SpectraLayers” without any edition indication.
Then what edition activates depends enterily on what license is activated in the Steinberg Activation Manager.
Can you post a screenshot of what you see in the Steinberg Activation Manager? (not the eLicenser Control Center)

Robin I stand corrected. Since I did nothing of the sorts when I installed SpectraLayers Pro 8, it caught me by surprise since I saw no extra information on the extra move on SAM after installing SpectraLayers Pro 9.
Thank you.
I am editing the title.

Steinberg please note:
All the above being said, I had previously installed SpectraLayers Pro 8, and after installing SpectraLayers Pro 9, Nuendo 12.0.30 should have never have defaulted to SpectraLayers One Basic.

Instead, Nuendo should have defaulted to the still installed, and still fully functional, SpectraLayers Pro 8, until we do the extra step of going to Activation Manager and activate version 9.

Unnecessary curve ball.