SOLVED - Question to Steinberg about Win10 Update next week

With Build 1607 beginning to roll out to all Win10 users next week do you have any statements regarding usage of Cubase 8.5.2 under this “Anniversary” update?

You’re not using macOS, one cumulative update isn’t going to break your DAW, or at least not completely.

Thanks for that useful information.

I’m assuming no one will know until it comes out. Personally, my audio computer stays off the internet and I’ll keep it that way until I hear reports that everything is running smooth.

It is out. The final Windows 10 Anniversary version 1607 build 14393 was release last week to Insiders and since then there have been two “cumulative” updates that are just small fixes taking it to build 14393.5.

I’ve used the 26 versions released during its one year development and it runs very well on my two test machines but I haven’t put it on my Cubase machines until Steinberg says ok. Of course Steinberg has been testing it all along. A week from today is general release.

I guess if issues exist Steinberg at the very least would have said, “Pull your network connection”.

I am running Cubase on win10 since it became available. The computer is always connected and always up to date with the newest updates. No problems with Cubase.
The computer is set to make an incremental Disk Image every other day, backup every night to a NAS that again every morning makes a backup to another NAS. I don’t worry anymore.

Fine except the thread isn’t about that.

You are running version 1511 from November 2015, not the new version 1607 to be released to the general pubic next week.
Unless you forgot to mention you are a Windows Insider.

Steinberg responds:

Thank you

There have been cumulative updates (fixes & efficiency) coming from MS still and more are rumored to be released before next week’s official release. Also, an ISO file will be released for download on the 2nd of August.

Great thanks.
And just to make sure, my point with the previous post was to get across the importance of backups.
It is fairly simple to roll back if you are not happy. Then it’s a matter of postponing the OS update or just unplug it from the internet :slight_smile: nahh.