SOLVED - Random loss of ALL sound output on loading project


I’ve had this problem occurring randomly since upgrading to Cubase 7 (and Windows 8). I had hoped the 7.03 update had fixed it, but no, I got the same problem this morning.

A project that has previously worked fine will suddenly (on loading) stop producing any sound - audio or midi. The sound on my system is still working fine I can play files on windows media player…so it’s not the OS.

If I switch devices from my Roland UA-25 to say the full duplex or generic ASIO the sound still doesn’t come back.
The mixer is showing all the tracks playing away happily and the master out shows audio too.

Re-booting my PC makes no difference - the only thing that works is going back to a back-up - and therefore losing work that I have done! Like I say I don’t think it’s an OS thing anyway, because all other audio is working fine.

If I load a different Cubase project that will also work fine?

So something is randomly happening that is causing this strange behaviour? Anyone had the same problem, got any solutions or workarounds.

(I’m running Cubase 7.03, Windows 8 32-bit, Edirol UA-25, Core i7, 6GB RAM, RAID HDD etc)

Go through your chain front to back. Check Audio device and monitoring, check your studio connections ins and outs, control room or not, then check your routing.

Thanks Bri.

Yes I checked all that the first time it happened - nothing is any different from when the project worked fine, and is identical to other projects. The only difference between working and not working is that I have shut down Cubase and then re-loaded the project?

Something’s got to be different!
Have you designated the correct default output channels?
Sure that global mute is not enabled?
Can you hear the wav files when you play them back from the pool?

Try this. Next time this happens, don’t just reboot. Turn your computer off for a few seconds along with everything that’s connected… USB, Firewire etc. Completely off. No power. Everything gets rebooted that way. Not saying this will solve the problem but give it a try anyway.

I had a similar problem and found that worked, but I have a whole bunch of stuff connected to my machine.

Also, the fact that your media player works is irrelevant because media players don’t use ASIO drivers.

Good luck.

Thanks for the replies.

Well I worked it out by progressively disabling all plug-ins. (Why do these problems always come down to plug-ins).

The plug-in causing the problem was my Powercore Master X5 multi-band compressor on the master out. Turned that off and the audio re-appeared.

Interestingly it was nothing to do with the plug-in settings (which I hadn’t changed), just Cubase/Powervore ballsing up the loading. All I did was remove the plug-in from the Master out, then re-load and select the exact same settings and hey presto it worked fine.

You might add “solved” to the topic…