Solved: Random problems with pitch bend changing (Behringer X-Touch)

I have imported some MIDI generated in Band-in-a-Box. I don’t think it contains any pitch bend commands. But when I play the MIDI back in Cubase, occasionally and randomly, I will hear some clicks and whistles, then the pitch is off by a step or more. If I look at the Halion window, I can see that it has the pitch bend (mod wheel) moved upward from the neutral position. Usually I have to shut down Cubase and start again. They everything plays correctly again – until the problem happens again.

It happens on more than one instrument, and on different VSTs, not just Halion. And it is not repeatable. It happens at different places in the playback each time.

I have tried opening controller panes in the MIDI editor to see if there are any mod wheel commands and I can’t see any.

Anybody have any ideas how to deal with this?


Do you have any input MIDI Device connected? Could you try to unplug it? Or could you try to set the MIDI Input to Not Connected?

The only MIDI device connected is a Yamaha keyboard. I never touched it during playback. But I will try unplugging it just to be sure it isn’t involved somehow.

I recently added a Brehringer X-Touch control surface and then upgraded from Cubase 9.5 to 10. I am thinking there may be something funny with the X-Touch interaction with Cubase 10. I did not immediately associate this with a MIDI level problem (causing a VST to move its mod wheel), but I think that may be involved. It is possible that I was using a fader or a button on the X-Touch whenever this happened. I have disabled all but the minimum options for the X-Touch and I am trying this project without touching the X-touch to see if it is well behaved in that case. So far, it seems to be.

You need to exclude the X-Touch from “All MIDI Inputs”. In Studio -> Studio Setup, choose MIDI Port Setup. In any rows relating to inputs from controllers, uncheck the “In ‘All MIDI Inputs’” box and press Apply. That will stop the controllers interfering with MIDI input to virtual instruments and MIDI tracks.

That seems to fix it. Thanks!