[SOLVED] Received bad response code from server 500

I’m still not able to use my IC pro to connect a Windows 7 32bit PC running C7.0.4 to my Ipad2

I have followed the suggested options in the knowledge base but still no joy.

The app does not detect any computer when run.

Entering the IP address on the C7 computer manually I get the message Received bad response code from server 500 on the ipad.

I have tried this with a BT Home Hub2 and now Home Hub 4 same response.

The ipad2 and computer both show connected on the network in the Hub manager software.

Cubase iC free version on the same IPad2 works OK with no problem.

Disappointing after buying the upgrade to iC Pro that I can’t get it to work.

What am I missing?

Help please


Another observation from the older iC Connect application.

The connection via the free iC Connect fails if I try to use a password and authentication in the Cubases devices menu under the SKI remote.

So both iC Connect and iC Pro appear to have some form of network communication error.


Hi Dave,

Sorry for the late answer.

Before trying anything else I’d like to ask you further questions :

Do you confirm you’re using Cubase iC Pro 1.1? Cubase iC 1.2? SKI Remote

As far as I’ve understood you were formerly using Cubase iC only. Did it stop working right after you’ve updated to the latest version of SKI Remote?


Looks like wrong SKI version was the answer. I’ve update and the connection shows up for selection on iPad and initial tests show communication OK.
Thanks for support.


David Wyatt


Glad to hear everything’s up and running now although normally a dialog box should appear in case your SKI version isn’t up-to-date. It should then invite you to download the latest version.


There was no window that I recall seeing regards out of date SKI version however given the way windows can overlay each other it may have been there but I didn’t see it in my workflow.

The iPad communication message ‘Received bad response code from server 500’ may also be a useful clue for users to check their SKI version.

Thanks again Armand