[SOLVED] Record at Left Locator?

Is there a similar Cubase setting that allows the default record starting point to be the left locator instead of just the cursor location?


Nobody has an answer to this…even support?



RTFM? Did. Reference link? No?

Its in your copy of cubasis
It calls “help”
Tools → recording modes

It “calls” help? I’ll bet if you slow down a bit you could type your witty replies correctly and still be an a$$hole :wink:

I’ve tried every recording mode without success and have duplicated the issue after reinstalling the app. Do you suppose it’s possible with this particular application that one could be using the correct settings and still experience anomalies?

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Don’t know if this is what you mean, but In loop recording (simply with loop on) Cubasis starts recording at left locator.

Hi SuStudio,

As written above, enabling the cycle mode in the transport bar of Cubasis automatically positions the playhead at the left locator when starting the playback or recording mode.

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