-solved- Record new parts in komplex arrangements

Im close to finish a very very komplex Post-Metal project with plenty of tempo changes, weired bar changes and automatisation.
Now close to finish my customer wants to add some new parts in the middle of the project :angry:
Now my question: how can I move the rear sections to make space for the new parts without messing up tempo change, bar change and automatisation.

pic is attached

thank you for your help


Set the L and R Locators to the place, where you want to Insert a new part, and use Insert Silence function.

Yep, that’s the way, Project->Edit->InsertSilence.

But I’d also add that the silence is inserted at the left locator and the length is the number of beats in the range, i.e. not bars or time.

You can remove time (e.g. if you add too much) by DeleteTime or CutTime.

If you want to duplicate a section then use Range-GlobalCopy and then PasteTime.

You can also exclude tracks by locking them, or alternatively, don’t forget to unlock locked tracks to include them!!

I use these functions a lot for honing musical arrangements. Better than the arranger most of the time.


thank you Martin and Mike (again) :slight_smile:

It worked great and didn´t messed up anything behind the new part. also deleting time works perfectly!
I think of using that insted of the Arranger Tool in the future, bec after converting to the new arrangement, the labeled “arrangement bars” (hope you know what I mean) disappears.
I use the arrangement bars often to easy keep an overview of the whole arrangement INTRO - CHORUS - SOLO, OUTRO…
Its strange that they dissapear after converting the arrangement.

Mike, what do you mean with “Range-GlobalCopy” ? I tried to search google but my Cubase is in German, and I can´t find that function.

ahhhh - Im so stupid !

yeah thats great - thank you MIKE !!

EditMenu->Range->GlobalCopy. This is the first entry in the Range sub-menu, above CutTime and DeleteTime in my Cb8.5Pro version. It seems to me that it should really be called CopyTime.

Regarding the Arranger track: Click the (half width) button just to the right of the Flatten button (in the Arranger Editor window) and you’ll see the Arranger settings. Here you opt to keep the original arranger events.


P.S. I see you worked out the first one anyway, but I thought I’d still post…

this really makes live more easy (at least for me) to keep the original arranger events after converting.
Wish I had paid more attention to the little half width button of the arranger edit window at my last projects.

Mike you really know your onions - thank you so much !
Robert from Vienna