[SOLVED]Recording an external module.

Hi my name Eldad:-)))

I would love to help !!!I connect to the iPad Sound Card ur242,
And to midi in/Out ur242 the module roland Soniccell-
I wrote a role in appThe soniccell play and hear him play -
Problem !-!-Recorder / becomes mp4 You do not hear the part of soniccell!!!
What am I doing wrong ??? Is it possible to perform !!!

Thank Eldad.

Hi Eldad,

Thanks for your message.

Are you able to provide a clearer description what does not work with Cubasis at your end?
Thanks for your support!


Hey :slight_smile: thanks a lot for your message :smiley:
What I’m trying to do -I works with two models, Module 1 Korg app im1 and module Roland sonic cell.
All channels are playing well (korg and soniccell)
But when I try Convert in mixdown to MP4 the song with all midi channels (On both models) The soniccell not hear.

IPad is connected to the sound card ur 242 With camera connection kit,
soniccell connected to cable midi to ur 242 And from the port soniccell line r and line l to ur 242 line output l and r.
I tried several ways to set cubasis channels fo soniccell For example routing virtual midi -all midi ports :blush:
But it does not record the channels of soniccell :unamused: :question:
I’d be happy for any advice Thank you very much :smiley: :smiley:


Hi Eldad,

Thanks for providing more information.
If I understood you correctly, the sonic cell channels are not included in your mixdown?

While we’re not equipped with the sonic cell device ourselves, could it be required to manually record the MIDI tracks to audio tracks in Cubasis?


Hi :smiley: :slight_smile: I was able to perform the operation according to your explanation!! :wink: :slight_smile:
Everything works !! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: I want to thank you for your patience many thanks :smiley: :slight_smile: :smiley:
A great day for you :slight_smile:))))))))

Eldad Ben naim.

Glad to hear that, thanks for the update!
A great day for you too and many happy and creative hours with Cubasis!