[SOLVED] Recording guitar parts

I have been trying to record some guitar parts using Bias and everything sounds as it should when recording an individual part, but when I try to record a new part on another track the first one reverts to the guitar input sound with no effects. I thought that I was recording the actual sound that I was hearing, not just the straight input signal from the guitar. I hope this makes sense. Thanks.

Do you have inserted fx into the track? If so remove them from the track and put them on the input track (red channels in mixconsole)

This is al based from what I understand from your original question, perhaps posting some screen shots will help.

Aah don’t mind, I now see that you’re not using Cubase pro but the ipad version, forget everything I said :laughing:

Hi synthforce,

Thanks for your message.

I assume Bias FX is loaded as input effect in Cubasis using inter-app audio, correct?

First of all, please note that Apple’s inter-app audio standard is limited to load a single instance of an IAA effect / instrument app (such as Bias FX). E.g. Audio Unit allows to load unlimited instances of the same app, however the number of supported instruments / effects apps still has to grow.

Here is a workflow suggestion for your case:

Make sure “Unfreeze Deletes Audio Track” (Setup/Arranger) is unchecked

(1) Create an audio track where Bias FX has been assigned as IAA insert effect
This track should be used for your guitar recordings
(2) Record a track
(3) Once satisfied with the result hit “freeze” button to create a ‘wet’ audio mixdown (guitar + FX), to be automatically placed to a separate audio track
(4) Hit the “freeze” button again to “unfreeze” the track
(5) Create a new audio track, set it to “mute” and move the original “dry” recording to it (to keep the original recording)

Optional step

  • Double tap recorded tracks to open them in the audio editor
  • In the audio editor tap “Save to Media” button to create separate copies of your recorded files in the Media Bay (to appear in “My audio files” folder)

Now use the first track to record new guitar tracks and repeat steps above.

Hope that helps.

P.S.: Once Bias FX becomes available as AU effect several instances of the app are loadable on the go.

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Lars, thank you for the explanation.
Undoubtedly you approach is work and it’s what I do now for record guitar’s doubletracks.
However it is not really useful if you want to modify current bias preset.

Maybe somebody know about positive grids plans concerns supporting AU?


Hi budashon,

Thanks for your message.

I’m glad to hear that the suggested workflow seems to work for you.
Agreed, Audio Unit provides a more flexible way to do it.

I suggest to get in touch with positive grids directly to learn more if they have plans for an Audio Unit version.


I contacted with Positive Grids support and got next answer about AUi support:

And hopefully we can have a plan to support AUi very soon, I’ll let you know.

Yet it’s not clear about AUI support but it makes think in a positive way.

Sounds great, hope it will become available sometime soon…